The arrival of the pandemic created untold difficulty and damage to the catering industry. Sara Event Catering were impacted immediately and shut down its operation within days in the wake of mass cancellations and public restrictions.

Caroline and her good friend Michelle Jones decided to try and make good use of their new found time and set to work tending an overgrown vegetable garden, which was being underused due to the pandemic’s impact on it’s produce. As summer of 2020 arrived, they ended up with a mass of fantastic organically grown vegetables but with nobody to enjoy them.

Michelle, who has untold drive and enthusiasm, decided to create an outlet by building a vegetable stand where the produce could be placed for the people of Ayton to buy on a ‘pay what you think it’s worth’ basis. The owners of Ayton Castle kindly gave them permission to place the stand on their private grounds at the South Lodge entrance to Ayton Castle.

It proved to be very popular and the money raised went to local good causes and for new seeds and equipment for the garden to help it keep going. As the Autumn and winter arrived the vegetables began to hibernate, but not the girls. They wanted to uphold the newly formed Soil Sisters & keep it going for the community. So they built themselves a new stand out of old doors, pallets and bits of spare wood and paint and proudly set it by the gates.

The girls decided that, due to the lack of seasonal veg, they would start using their kitchen skills by producing a myriad of different cakes, biscuits, soups, bread and scones - all freshly prepared in the by then very underused Sara Event Catering kitchen. Again, these are laid out on the mostly unattended stand for locals and passers by to buy, usually every Thursday. A number of events for children are laid on by them in an impressive display of public spiritedness to mark public holidays and notable days in the calendar. All the money they raise goes back into the business of baking cakes and the expenses incurred laying on special events.

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